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"Mining for Gold" Retreat: October 21st-23rd, 2016

by Bridget Boylan

"MINING FOR GOLD" RETREAT  October 21st - 23rd, 2016

Weekend Retreat with lodging and meals on Lummi Island, Washington

Exploring the Mind-Body from a Mythological & Five Element perspective, utilizing acupressure, yoga restorative postures, and essential oils.

The objective of this retreat is to learn how to get in touch with the body’s knowledge through inner sensing, utilizing the five elements in Nature and applying it to our own situations.  We will experience yoga postures, essential oils, and archetypal psychology concepts to ground ourselves in the medicine of  the Five Elements, and use active imagination to relate to the process.

You will experience ways to relax the body and mind toward a more centered experience of Self by freeing yourself of old “stuff”. There will be a guided journey for exploration of our  inner landscapes. 

This is not a seminar, so leave your pencils at home.  It is permission to restore yourself and get away from the daily grind, a letting go to allow something new to emerge.

Experiential learning includes:  Creating a relationship with the Elements in Nature , learning how to use essential oils on acupuncture points, and understanding mythology in relationship to Five Element Taoist theory and practice.


Bridget Boylan, PT LAc, EAMP   

Bridget Boylan graduated from Northeastern University in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy and Wu Hsing Tao School of Five Element Acupuncture in October, 2004 with a License to practice Acupuncture.  She has studied Myofascial Release with John Barnes, PT as well as Alchemical Acupuncture mentorships with Lorie Eve Dechar, LAc. She has studied Aromatherapy through Peter Holmes, LAc. Bridget combines Alternative and Western medicine to provide holistic treatments with her clients in Bellingham and Everett, Washington. 

Georgette Jowdy, Life Tour Guide -Georgette has an extensive background in couples communication and conflict resolution, as well as support of individual journeys which allow one’s inner wisdom to facilitate integration and healing.   She was part of an educational community for 12 years, serving on the policy board for 8 years.  Georgette is sought for counsel because she is known for her deep compassion, her regard for the sacredness of all life, and her respect for the courage it takes to be truly human and allow our authenticity to emerge and transform us.

Michael Bogar, MA Psychology

Michael Bogar has completed two graduate degrees in theological and biblical studies and is the spiritual director at the Bainbridge Island Spiritual Enrichment Center.  He is an adjunct instructor at Holmes School of Consciousness Studies, and teaches regularly at the Seattle Center for Spiritual Living.  He is currently completing his doctoral dissertation in Mythology and Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA.  He built houses for 10 years, and has experience in the “School of Hard Knocks”.  Michael combines scholarship, humor, and practical wisdom in his presentations.  His website is found at www.michaelbogar.com

FOR MORE INFO, CONTACT Bridget at boylanpt@yahoo.com